Overseas Seminars & Special Seminars

Information of Yoshihide Uezu Overseas Seminars & Special Seminars

Please click the available links in the appplicable seminar to find the details of each overseas/special seminar.

*Flight arrangements, payment methods and other application procedures vary among seminars. Please make sure to see appropriate information of each seminar.

*The finalized general Information of each seminar will be posted on the website 3 to 7 days before departure. Please check the information there when you are attending a seminar.

Overseas Seminar Schedules

March 3 – March 5 New York
April 7 – April 9 Honk Kong
May 12 – May 14 Taiwan
August 4 – August 6 Taiwan
October 27 – October 29 Taiwan
December 4 – December 6 Hawaii

Note: Dates above do not include the travel days from/to Japan.

Special Seminar Schedules

January 8 New Year Joint Seminar
July 8 – July 9 Ai-no-Hana Seminar in Yamaguchi
October 2 – October 4 Special Seminar at Costa Vista


Change and cancellation of overseas seminar registration

Penalty charges may be incurred for your cancelation of the overseas/special seminar registration made after the cutoff date, which is specified in the registration guideline.  Also, please note that even when changes/cancelation are made before the cutoff date, there will be some occasions depending on local circumstances that penalty and other handling charges are incurred.

For registration and inquiries about the overseas/special seminars, please contact via email at info@uezu.net. Please make sure to set your email account enable to receive email from info@uezu.net (especially applicable to users of mobile phone email in Japan).