About Mr. Yoshihide Uezu

As it is said that “enlightenment is brought by the grace by God”, nobody is able to foresee to whom it would happen. There is no human-defined law of it. If such a law exists, anyone could have achieved enlightenment just by following it. Instead, enlightenment comes at the exact moment beyond the human-wisdom rules.

That means it would happen to a virtuous priest or a double-dyed villain. The bottom line is, it could happen to anyone and that is the way it is.

Then, it luckily occurred to a person of great virtue, Mr. Yoshihide Uezu.

The reason why I introduce him to a great number of audiences of my blog “Risible Spiritual” is attributable to that point.

Mr. Uezu, who was born in Okinawa, Japan and spent the majority of his childhood surrounded by nature in South America, is friendly, kind to anyone and, most of all, endowed with impeccable virtue.

I happened to get a chance to have an exclusive interview with him for hours in 2012 that took place after his seminar at the seminar venue. There, he helped tidy up the room and was the last person leaving the room after turning off the light. I cannot imagine that Jesus Christ took similar action in the remote past. Likewise, I cannot imagine that Buddha helped clean up the floor till the end after his lecture. The enlightened Mr. Uezu took those actions quite naturally before my eyes.

Awakening and enlightenment are not visible. Those are not identifiable by calculation either. However, loving warmth of Mr. Uezu can be easily sensed by anyone around.

We, a seeker of visible substance by nature, may end up in disappointment when we attend a seminar looking for enlightenment, because it is something invisible.

For the reasons stated above, I confidently introduce Mr. Uezu to “you”, an individual self who is reading this message at this moment.

Just by spending time with Mr. Uezu, you would get a feeling that your inner self is back at cherished home far away. Then, that feeling would vividly color your everyday life in the future.

Please do not miss out joining his seminar when you have a chance.

– Endorsed by Mitsuro Sato, the author of “Risible Spiritual” –