Taiwan Seminar in May 2019

2019年3月9日 / Overseas Seminars & Special Seminars


We gladly announce that the first Taiwan Seminar in 2019 is scheduled for May and June as follows.

<Dates and Schedules>
Thursday, May 30 – Monday, June 4 (seminar sessions are held for May 31 – June 2)
Day 1 (May 30): Arriving Taiwan (see below for the flight information)
Day 2-4 (May 31-Jun 2): Seminar with lectures, meditation, Q&A and healing
Day 5 (Jun 3): Free one-day seminar with lectures, meditation, Q&A and healing
Day 6 (Jun 4): Leaving Taiwan (see below for the flight information)
• Any part of the schedules is subject to change without notice.
• The timetable for seminar sessions will be posted once it becomes available.
• There will be a one-day Meditation gathering on Thursday, May 30 that is open to anyone interested for an additional fee. Please see the Additional Programs section below for details.

May 30 ⇒ NH853 13:20 Haneda Airport (HND) – 15:45 Taiwan Songshan Airport (TSA)
June 4 ⇒ NH852 13:30 Taiwan Songshan Airport (TSA) – 17:45 Haneda Airport (HND)
• The above are the designated flights arranged for the group shuttle bus.
• If you plan to take the group shuttle bus while taking flights other than the above, please make sure to book an incoming flight arriving before the designated flight and a departing flight leaving after the designated flight.

<Venue & Lodging>
Aspire Resort (http://www.aspireresort.com.tw/index_en.aspx)
325 No.428, Kewang Rd., Longtan Dist., Taoyuan City 325, Taiwan
• Hotel amenities such as a toothbrush set, a comb and a razor are not provided for ecological concerns.

• Seminar fee: 50,000JPY for 3-day sessions (partial attendance is not accepted)
• Hotel rates are as follows:
– 2,700NTD/person/night for single occupancy
– 1,350NTD/person/night for double occupancy
• Shuttle bus fare: 1,000JPY for one-way between the airport and the hotel (2,000JPY for round trip).
• Payment instructions will be provided after receipt of the registration application.
Note: JPY = Japanese Yen, NTD = New Taiwan Dollar

<Registration Deadline>
May 5, 2019 (Sunday) – Japan Standard Time
• Please include your birthday, including the year, in the memo section of the application form.
• Please indicate in the application form if you would like to attend any additional programs described below.

<Additional Programs>
♦ Meditation gathering with Mr. Lin and Mariko-san
From 9am on Thursday, May 30 @Aspire Resort
Registration Fee: 1500NTD (2,000NTD after May 6)
♦ Free one-day seminar with lectures, meditation, Q&A and healing (organized by Taiwanese nuns)
From 9am on Monday, June 3 @Aspire Resort
Registration Fee: None

Email: info@uezu.net