Schedule Change for April and November 2019

2019年2月7日 / Schedule Changes


There are changes in the seminar schedule for April and November 2019 as follows.

April 27 (Sat): Changed to Self-Meditation from Ibuki-no-Kai (canceled)

November 9 (Sat) – 10 (Sun): Changed to Self-Meditation from Kongen-no-Hikari (moved)
November 11 (Mon) – 13 (Wed): Changed to Nakashibetsu Yasuragi-no-Sato from Self-Meditation (moved)
November 25 (Mon) – 26 (Tue): Changed to Self-Meditation from Nakashibetsu Yasuragi-no-Sato (moved)
November 27 (Wed): Changed to Kongen-no-Hikari from Nakashibetsu Yasuragi-no-Sato (moved)
November 28 (Thu): Changed to Kongen-no-Hikari from Self-Meditation (moved)

Those will be reflected in the calendar shortly.