Taiwan Seminar in August & Hong Kong Seminar in September 2018 – Flight Information

2018年2月24日 / Overseas Seminars & Special Seminars

Here is the information about the designated flights for Taiwan Seminar (hosted by ASK) in August 2018 and Hong Kong Seminar in September 2018. Seminar details are to be announced shortly.

♦ Taiwan Seminar (seminar sessions are held from Friday, June 3 to Sunday, June 5)
August 2 ⇒ NH853 13:20 Haneda Airport (HND) – 15:45 Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA)
August 6 ⇒ NH852 13:30 Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) – 17:45 Haneda Airport (HND)

♦ Hong Kong Seminar (seminar sessions are held from Friday, September 7 to Sunday, September 9)
September 6 ⇒ NH809 10:00 Narita Airport (NRT) – 13:40 Hong Kong Airport (HKG)
September 10 ⇒ NH812 09:40 Hong Kong Airport (HKG) – 15:10 Narita Airport (NRT)

• The above are the designated flights for which a group shuttle bus will be arranged for transportation between airport and hotel.
• If you plan to take the shuttle bus while taking flights other than the above, please make sure to book an incoming flight arriving before the designated flight and a departing flight leaving after the designated flight. Keep in mind that your fights may arrive at and depart from different terminals (or different airport) far from that of the designated flights. Please allow enough time for transfer to and from the shuttle bus meeting point.
• Registration is started through the application form on the official website or fax.
• This Taiwan seminar is organized by ASK, the institution different from the organizer group of the other Taiwan seminars held in May and November. Please note that the venue and the seminar fees will be different from the Taiwan seminars in May and November.