Change of Venue for Ryukyu Do Ai Seminar in January and June

2017年2月1日 / General Notices

From June 2017 and on, Ryukyu Do Ai seminar will be held at Okinawa Sen-in Kaikan in Naha City.

Ryukyu Do Ai seminar for the month of January and June has been held in the Hamahiga Island for many years. However, the number of applicants exceeded the capacity limitation of the venue for a few recent events, causing the organizer to refuse many applications.

To give all the applicants a chance to attend the seminar, the organizer has decided to hold Ryukyu Do Ai seminar at Okinawa Sen-in Kaikan in January and June as well, just like the other months.

Consequently, pre-registration for this seminar for January and June will be no longer necessary.